Responsive vs Adaptive Web Design

Responsive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) adapts itself to various screen resolutions by adjusting the height and width of various screen elements. The layout template remains the same on all screen sizes. When you viewed on a smaller screen, like a mobile device or iPad or tablet, images and text will adjust accordingly. Responsive design uses CSS media queries to change the look of the website based on the target device. With a responsive website, you’ll only need one site.



  • Less command over layout between screen sizes
  • longer time to load
  • Components can move around

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Adaptive web design

Adaptive web design (AWD) creates a different website for each device to view the site. Adaptive web design detects the screen size and adjusts the layout for that device. AWD is based on six different screen widths that vary from 320 pixels for a smartphone to 1600 pixels for a desktop computer. AWD aims to provide the best viewing experience available on a particular device like a laptop, PC, mobile, tablet.


  • Significantly engaged for each customer
  • Advanced for promoting
  • Faster load times


  • More effort to build
  • Gadgets are always changing screen sizes, which could barge in on the stream
  • Not SEO friendly as web crawlers make some troublesome time valuing a similar substance on various sites

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